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God Makes Us AMAZING Lemonade to Bless Others

God doesn’t call and use those who are qualified! He qualifies the called! That’s great news for all of us because we all can relate to at least one or more of these men and women in the Bible that God used in powerful ways!  God is GREAT at taking our “lemons” and turning us into amazing “lemonade” to bless others!   Jacob was a cheater Peter had a temper David had an affair Noah got drunk Jonah ran from God Paul was a murderer Gideon was insecure Miriam was a gossiper Martha was a worrier Thomas was a doubter Sara was impatient Elijah was moody Moses stuttered Zacchaeus was short Abraham was old Sarah was old Lazarus was dead Have a “lemonade” kind of day!  Carla Cappetto

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